J.A Turner & A.J Beaumont

AJ Beaumont and JA Turner have worked several, incredibly varied jobs in their lifetimes, but both have always just wanted to write. Dragon’s Flame is the first book in their first trilogy, that combine’s JA’s interests in romance with AJ’s in all things historical, supernatural and paranormal. They both live alone and are constantly on the phone or skype to each other comparing notes and drafts, at least when JA’s cat Dora isn’t demanding all her attention!

Its a mythical romance about three shape-shifting dragons in search of their pre-ordained mates, three teenage girls and timing is everything. Missed, and the dragon is doomed for all eternity. However, whenever they take on human form, they put themselves at risk of being captured and destroyed by a band of hunters known as the crusaders, descendants of a bygone age. Can the three dragons claim the maidens and escape before they are discovered and put to death.