Jessica Black

I suppose you could say that I fell into this industry by accident. My nights at the dance club were becoming tedious, my clients more rude and obnoxious and the management seemed to want to encourage the stag parties and the louts. It was a group of drunken men from Birmingham who started me off on this quite incredible journey. One man had openly abused me from the start of my routine as his mates jeered me and encouraged him to give me more of the same. I remember swearing at him and making a comment about his mouth being bigger than his dick. It was a tense moment as I waited for him to react. He didn’t… instead he slinked back in his chair and I went into overdrive with my wise cracks and gestures and suddenly I had turned it around. Now it was my tormentor who his mates rounded on as they laughed and goaded and teased him as he squirmed uncomfortably in his seat.