Robin Evans

Robin Evans is an English-based artist who has been a comic strip artist since the seventies and eighties. His work has been featured in newspapers and magazines including, Space Doubt, Pimania and The Glasgow Evening Times. And for over 21 years Robin’s longest running strip is Great Moments in Computing, scripted by the brilliant Mel Croucher.

Broken Promise is the first of a three-part graphic novel by Robin Evans. Heroine of the story, Venna years to settle on the new world over which a futile war is being fought. However, her decision to join the planetary teams upsets her superior officer – The Countess. Obsessed with her one-time protégé, and orders her to be abducted, an operation so badly undertaken that its consequences reverberate throughout the entire story.

Venna finds herself on Promise – the name given to the new planet – and, with a group of new friends, is pursued by menaces from all quarters. Compounding these threats, the otherwise Utopian world is home to terrifying monsters of unfriendly disposition… and at least one tribe of murderous indigenous inhabitants who are very unhappy about the invaders from Earth. Nobody knows the whole truth about Promise, or what plans are being laid by the colonists. Venna knows only that terrible danger hides in its beauty, and that its secrets will not be learned easily. Venna suffers many tribulations, but always comes up smiling, and ready for whatever else comes her way. Venna is beautiful throughout, and refuses to be embittered by the dreadful things that happen to her on this troubled planet. Her planet. Venna’s Planet.

Scorching Darkness picks up right where we left off in Broken Promise, with Venna and company approaching the dwelling place of a planetary tribe known as the Trakuviads. Our heroine and those that travel with her know not what ordeals by earth, fire, water and monsters await them in these caves, but surely know that outside of them, an even more deadly threat looms in the form of the indomitable countess and her cohorts.

Despite facing so many trials and tribulations, Venna – the ultimate female role model fighting for control of her own destiny – always comes up smiling, ready for whatever her creator will throw at her next. Scorching Darkness will no doubt receive the same high praise as Venna’s first outing, and is sure to be appreciated by both casual and dedicated fans of the sci-fi graphic novel, particularly those who have enjoyed works from artists such as Makoto Yukimura and Alan Moore.

Skullduggery, passion, murder, comedy, redemption, romance, evil science, interplanetary conflict… all these things are here, to varying degrees, but in no special order. In this final book, Venna continues in her efforts to find Prime City, in the hope of locating and rescuing her friend Shelly, only to be obsessively pursued by The Countess, who is, in turn, being pursued by the authorities; but everything points to a terrible fate for our heroine, unless rescued in time. Venna has no super-powers (although sometimes she thinks she may have), she just uses her natural bravery and such strength as she has to cope with the ordeals she finds herself facing. This set of adventures sees her suffering some very unpleasant and frightening experiences, but she keeps her cool and, as usual, bounces back, ready for the next challenge.