Roderick Easdale

Roderick Easdale is a journalist and author. Praise for Roderick Easdale’s books: ‘Roderick Easdale is a natural writer. He makes an impact where other’s don’t. This excellent book defies convention’ (Cricket Lore). ‘Heartily recommended’ (Country Life). ‘This book is a winner’ (The Cricketer). ‘Much time and research has gone into this fascinating study’ (The Independent). ‘An extremely interesting book and a rattling good read’ (Northants Evening Telegraph). ‘Preposterously entertaining’ (Press Association).

Was PG Wodehouse really a traitor, a naïve simpleton dominated by his wife and out of touch with the world around him? This book challenges many of the accepted wisdoms about PG Wodehouse and his work and skilfully entwines details of Wodehouse’s life with an analysis of his work to show that, contrary to popular belief, many of the scenarios, characters and issues he wrote about came from his own, sometimes bitter, personal experience. It shows, for instance, how Bertie Wooster is a much misunderstood figure in literature and shared many of the characteristics and life story of PG Wodehouse himself. Easdale also gives fresh insight into PG Wodehouse’s alleged ‘treachery’ during World War II and his motives for making five radio broadcasts from Germany which were to cast a shadow over the rest of his life. ‘Easdale often finds an original angle with which to shatter stale, accepted perception… this book is compelling.’ (Country Life). ‘This fascinating examination offers a refreshing and accessible study of Wodehouse’s work.’ (Press Association).