Tony Flood

Jody is a bubbly 10-year-old girl with the unfortunate habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Desperate to find her missing brother James, Jody’s vivid dreams take her to Tamila, a mysterious land inhabited by magical wizards, mischievous pixies, nasty witches and helpful fairies. There, Jody falls foul of Hugo Toby, an evil wizard who – along with his vile brother Augustine the Awful – makes the quest to find her brother even more tricky. Thankfully, not everyone in Tamila is bad, and Jody is helped on her quest by the Bag Man, a mysterious friend who seems to be able to pull almost anything out of his carrier bags! This beautifully written children’s tale of good versus evil will delight people of all ages, and is the perfect addition to any adventure-loving reader’s bookshelf.