David Barry

About The Author

David Barry is the pseudonym of Meurig Jones,and he was born in Bangor, North Wales. He attended Corona Academy Stage School in Chiswick, London, from the age of 12. As a child actor he worked with Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh in “Titus Andronicus”, touring Europe in 1957. Also, as a teenager, filmed with Tyrone Power, and worked on stage with Paul Scofield. In his early 20s he played Frankie Abbott in “Please, Sir!” and “Fenn Street Gang”, at which time he wrote his first broadcast script. He also wrote “Keep It in The Family” for Thames TV (3 episodes). His novels include “Each Man Kills”, “Willie the Actor”, “The Ice Cream Time Machine”, “Careless Talk”, “More Careless Talk”, “Muscle”, “A Deadly Diversion” and Walking Shadows”. He has also published a book of short stories “Tales from Soho”.

His favourite authors are Charles Dickens, John Steinbeck and many thriller writers, including Michael Connelly, Val McDermid, Ian Rankin, Raymond Chandler, James Lee Burke.

Loves eavesdropping on pub customers where he picks up great dialogue. How about this one which Alan Bennett could have written.

Landlady: “I haven’t seen you with your friend lately.”

Man: “No, he’s moved to Heathfield. He had to buy a bungalow for his wife’s knees.”

David recently returned to acting in his own Edinburgh Fringe Festival play “A Day in The Lives of Frankie Abbott”, and also wrote and appeared in two short comedy horror films “Frankula” and “Bad Friday”.

The Film Buff's Guide

Do you love cinema and want to know more about its history? Are you a film fan looking for an informative yet light-hearted review of the last one hundred and thirty years of the silver screen? If so, you’ve found what you’re looking for!

A Deadly Diversion

Weston and Turner, novice private detectives, are plunged into a nightmare world of murder when they are hired by a young millionairess to solve the triple murder of her family, a crime the police failed to solve more than eleven years ago…

Each Man Kills

A drunken old farmer is murdered and Swansea police detective Harry Lambert is unable to discover a motive for what looks like the work of a professional killer. But before long the hunter becomes the hunted as an ex-SAS soldier escapes to remote…

Laurence Olivier & Vivien Leigh

After decades of theatrical ventures and performing together, 1957 would be the last time Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh would work together, with a European tour and London season of Shakespeare’s seldom-performed Titus Andronicus.

Mr Micawber Down Under

The ever-optimistic Mr Micawber bids a fond farewell to David Copperfield and takes his family to Australia, confident their lives will change for the better. However, more than florid language and optimism is needed to survive in this brash new world that is Melbourne in 1855.

Tales From Soho

Tales from Soho, eleven entertaining stories from London’s famous square mile. Known as a red-light district, with a reputation for sleaze and crime, Soho is also a diverse district, a bohemian area which has been an adult playground for hundreds of years. In these stories you will meet countless…

Willie The Actor

The Wrecking Bar

While investigating a series of gruesome murders, Swansea police detective Harry Lambert discovers a clear link between the victims: they were all members of a paedophile ring. As the DI and his team delve further into the case, they are plunged into a seedy world of perpetrators, suspects, victims…

Please Sir! The Official History

First broadcast in 1968, Please Sir! is generally considered to hold a firm place in the distinguished ranks of the greatest British sitcoms. David Barry – known to millions as mummy’s boy Frankie Abbott – was a fan favourite, appearing in all three series as well as both the 1971 feature film and spin-off TV show The Fenn Street Gang.

Careless Talk

Mike, an itinerant hairdresser living in Tunbridge Wells, learns all the gossip of the town. He cuts the hair of holy hypocrite Nigel, who is seeking a new relationship, but disapproves of his new lover’s daughters. And as Mike cuts deeper and deeper into this superficially respectable town, he soon learns it is a hotbed of vice, intrigue and gossip…

Frankie Abbot's Horror Stories

If you enjoy being scared then these horror stories might just be up your street… or down in your dark, dank cellar. If you’re of a nervous disposition though, well… perhaps you should stay well away!
David Barry – along with his alter ego Frankie Abbott of much-loved sitcom Please Sir! fame – has whipped up this concoction of twisted…

Missing Persons

A young man’s drinking binge sets in motion a sequence of violent and lethal crimes, leading to a suicide verdict that DI Harry Lambert suspects is more likely to be foul play. Continuing his own investigations, the Swansea detective is soon warned off the case by SOCA… but leaving things be is impossible when his team begin to find links…