Scott Tierney

About The Author

Scott Tierney is an author of novels, short stories, and off-the-wall comic series, Pointless Conversations.

‘Pointless Conversations’ – often described as a hilarious back and forth between two idiots about nothing in particular – spans twelve original comics, along with a host of spin-off companions, ‘Quickie’ conversations, and more. Since their initial release in 2012, these popular comics have been compiled into four compilation editions, each containing three full comics and a host of Quickies, culminating in the hardback ‘Collection Collection’ of every Pointless Conversation to date.

If you’ve ever wondered where Spiderman keeps all his web, or what would happen if you were to swallow the red and blue pill at once, then this comic is for you!

In 2017, Scott authored his first novel, the epic sci-fi fantasy ‘Tomorrow is Another Year’. Set over the course of several hundred yeas and charting the tumultuous shifting of the sociological landscape – a landscape beset with wars, revolutions and ever-evolving technology – the story follows a young man who inherits the gift of ‘The Drift’: whenever he wakes, he finds that time has progressed by a single year. He soon discovers, however, that this so-called gift quickly becomes a curse…

The canon of ‘Tomorrow is Another Year’ has since been added to with two short-stories, ‘The Rings of Yesteryear’ and ‘The Pause’.

Scott has also authored several acclaimed short stories – which have been translated into audiobooks – and the novella ‘Kin’.

Scott currently resides in the North West of England. More of his work can be found at 

Tomorrow Is Another Year

When Michael accepts a nondescript job for a nameless London-based company, he finds himself embroiled in a fantastical situation: every time he wakes, time has progressed one single year. At first this seems like a gift; but as the future spirals out of control, and the motives of his titanic employer, Greenwood, prove entangling, he discovers it to be a curse…

Pointless Conversations: The Collection Collection

When the conversation begins with the ridicule of Superman’s so-called heroism, and ends with innocent toys being thrown into a blender, you know you’re in for a riotous good read!

For the first time, all twelve Pointless Conversations are brought together in one shiny package, along with some of the best ‘Quickie’ conversations the series has produced. Where does Spiderman keep all that web? What would happen if you swallowed the red and blue pills at once? 


Forced into spending the day with one another while their wife and respective mother undergoes a procedure, a father and son become reacquainted after a period of disjunction. As the day progress and the proverbial scabs are picked, each man comes to understand a little more about the other.
And, in the process, a great deal more about themselves…


At the end of the 19th century a strange and unexplained medical phenomenon starts to occur – people being to ‘clump’ together. What starts out as two individuals conjoined at the skin soon snowballs into groups of three, four, and upwards. How large can these clumps grow? And when, if at all, will the clumping stop?

Eight Over Four

In 2018 it was estimated that there were over 750 million spiders in the United Kingdom. By contrast, the overall number today is less than ten percent of that – but now the spiders live all around us. Today, the spiders are our neighbours. They live alongside us, coexist with us…


The Pause

The Rings of Yesteryear

In this prequel to the sci-fi novel Tomorrow is Another year, an intrepid young man looks back across the multiple lifetimes he has survived through – lifetimes ingrained within the rings of an old tree trunk…