Jack Goldstein

101 Amazing Women

Throughout human history, countless women have made important contributions to society. Some have made scientific discoveries vital to modern-day life, whereas others have fought for human rights, shaped entire countries and broken down barriers. This fascinating book introduces the reader to over one hundred…

1111 Amazing Facts About Animals

Did you know that in medieval times dogs were known to have accompanied their masters into battle wearing suits of armour? Or that cows from different regions moo in different accents? Were you aware that the courtship dance of some seahorses can last eight hours?

Awesome Movie Trivia

Doctor Who: The Ultimate Quiz Book

With Paul Andrews

It’s the same every year; the credits have only just starting rolling on the Doctor Who Christmas Special then someone will claim they know more about the Whoniverse than anyone else in the household. But now you have…

Harry Potter - The Ultimate Quiz Book 2023 Edition

The Ultimate Movie Quote Quiz Book

How well do you know your movies? Do you think you could recognize a film from just one key line? If so, you’ll love this fantastic quiz, featuring famous (and some not-so-famous) quotes from over four hundred different films….

The Ultimate James Bond Quiz Book

With Chris McAuley

Are you a big James Bond fan? Do you know your Nick Nack from your Oddjob, your Goldfinger from your Goldeneye and your Christmas from your May Day?

Dad's Big Book of Sudoku

This fantastic book is packed with two hundred great Sudoku puzzles, organised into categories of varying difficulty. The book starts off with puzzles suitable even for beginners…