Marc Blake

About The Author

Marc Blake is a born and bred Londoner. He was educated at Hampton School and Ravensbourne College of Art and Design.

He has published four dark comic mystery-thrillers; Axman, Sunstroke, Bigtime and 24 Karat Schmooze; also a YA mystery novel, Spirit of the Blitz.

He wrote an ITV Drama called ‘The Swap’ which starred Gemma Redgrave, Michael Maloney and Jonathan Cake.

Non-fiction includes How NOT to write Sitcom (A&C Black), Writing the Horror Movie and Writing the Comedy Movie (Bloomsbury). He has also written two small ‘introduction to comedy’ books – ‘How to be a Comedy Writer’ and ‘How to be a Sitcom Writer’ both currently available in 2nd editions/

He is a qualified London Blue Badge Guide.

How To Be a Comedy Writer

Think you’re funny? Writing successful comedy isn’t just about having a gift for gags; you need to hone your talent and polish your humour to earn a living from making people laugh. If you want to write stand-up comedy, sketches, sitcoms or even a comic novel…

How To Be a Sitcom Writer

Everyone loves – and hates – sitcom. On TV it’s the goldmine genre, the one watched by millions. There’s a special place in our hearts for Fawlty, Frasier, Blackadder and Brent. An absurd predicament, witty banter, a group of hilariously dysfunctional people: it all seems so easy…

Spirit of the Blitz

During the Blitz of 1940, many thousands of Londoners were forced to take shelter in the Underground. On the very first day, twelve-year-old William Lumley, his mother, and little sister Aggie are bombed out. Fleeing to the safety of the Tube, they begin a subterranean existence…


Its Valentine’s day and Andy Crowe has been dumped. He’s also driving to Birmingham with his most hated rival, and it’s raining. Could things get much worse? Oh yes. Three small-time villains are about to pull off a job, and they are heading for the same motoroway services as Andy and Rob…