Scott Montgomery

About The Author

Since 1994 Scott Montgomery’s professional writing has encompassed journalism, comic scripts, prose fiction and radio comedy.

For 2000 AD & Judge Dress Magazine he wrote the history of Rogue Trooper in 1996, updated in 2006 – and compiled The Dredd Files – a detailed, monthly analysis of the early years of the Judge Dredd strip – which stood him in good stead for writing the epic 2000 AD Encyclopedia, published in hardback in February 2022.

He worked on the editorial teams of the Dandy and then Commando comics for publisher DC Thomson & Co. Ltd from 2004 till 2016 and has also scripted the iconic Ooo Wullie and The Broons comic strips for the Sunday Post newspaper. Other creditis include newsstand titles such as Beano, Thunderbirds Are Go, Doctor Who Magazine, The People’s Friend, Yours Fiction, My Weekly, Sunday Mail, The List and others – as well as contributing material to five series of BBC Radio Scotland’s topical comedy show Watson’s Wind Up, which starred Jonathan Watson.

Scott’s previous publications include The Long, Big Kiss Goodbye – an original crime novella for Telos and a puzzle book – James Bond Word Searches: Unofficial and Unauthorised, published by Amazon. His most recent book is 2023’s Hit The Ground Punning – a pocket-sized collection of over 400 silly jokes, puns and wordplay – all without swearwords so that they can be enjoyed by anyone.

He lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland.

Hit The Ground Punning

Fancy a taste? (Warning: edible version not yet available) I’m obsessed with emptying my wheelie bin. Just putting it out there. My toddler nephew is feeling guilty about making a mess with alphabetti spaghetti. It’s written all over his face. Grappling-hook chic? That’ll never catch on. Horses can be so negative sometimes. Such neigh-sayers.